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A New Mobile App

We are excited to announce the development of a new MyEpiscopal App 2.0 coming Fall 2022! When I first started MyEpiscopal the vision was simply a project to learn how to write my first mobile app and providing access to Daily Office readings. Since then I’ve shipped dozens of websites and mobile applications for brands such as Campbell’s, Microsoft, Foley Wines, and more. Alongside improving my talents as a develop I’ve responded to a calling in my life to serve as a Deacon in Christ’s Church now a Postulent for Holy Orders to the Diaconate and if God wills ordination this year. 

Over the past few years MyEpiscopal has grown to thousands of users and I have bene offered the unique opportunity to partner with Mission St. Clare as the developer for their latest mobile app. Seeing fruits of the holy spirit sprounting on this platform has renewed my spirit to take MyEpiscopal into a new chapter to serve God’s people wherever they are. 

– Scott Anderson

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We are in the early discovery stages for our 2.0 launch for the latest in updates come back to this page.

Full Book of Common Prayer

Prayer Wall

Video Lessons

Dynamic Daily Office powered by Mission St. Clare

And more.

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The mission of MyEpsicopal is to engage and support God’s people where they are. Providing prayers, lessons, and access to scripture and liturgy fully online.

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