What is a cathedral?

In the simplest form, a Cathedral is a church that contains a cathedra which is Latin for a seat, specifically a bishop’s chair. The cathedral is the principal church in a diocese from which the Bishop is the rector of.  As the principal church in the diocese, it is often where diocesan events and special services are held.

Parish Life

Although not all cathedrals are parishes, the many that are offer services such as worship services, classes, outreach missions, weddings, funerals and more. Characteristic of a cathedral they usually draw more parishioners then surrounding parishes allowing for the funding of parish schools, daycares, and senior homes that can grow into their own organizations.

What Is A Dean

While traditionally the rector of a parish is responsible for the pastor care for congregations as the Bishop has many responsibilities for the diocese as a whole an appointed clergy member is assigned to the pastor care of the cathedral parishioners with the title of Dean in the bishops sted. In many cathedrals, the dean is who many consider being their pastor, however, the bishop is formally the rector. The dean of a cathedral may be assisted by additionally clergy who hold the title of sub-dean and canons depending on the size of the congregation. 


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